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Tide Tiaras Pageant Coaching

Are you interested in receiving pageant coaching?

From head to toe, learn from the best. Tide Tiara Coach, Catherine Watters, is a comprehensive coach who will cover all aspects of pageant competition. From paperwork, interview, fitness, and talent, Catherine will stylize and prepare you to WIN!  She is well-accomplished in the pageant world, winning over $30,000 in the Miss America (MAO) and Miss USA Organizations, while working with some of the country’s top coaches throughout her illustrious career in pageants.  She placed first runner up four times in the Miss America and Miss USA systems. Catherine is well-prepared to take you to the next level in pageantry… Begin your journey now; be the best version of yourself and… GO FOR THE CROWN!!

Tide Tiaras offers:

• Paperwork counseling.... Paperwork is the first item a judge sees in preparing to interview you, so this needs to make a stunning first impression!


• Interview coaching… This prepares you for the job, and Catherine herself earned top awards in this portion of the competition!  She has coached several clients in MAO and Miss USA for top interview awards!


• Talent coaching… Catherine is a former world baton twirling champion and a professional dancer.  She has been known to create award winning dance and twirling routines.  

If you are interested, contact us today!

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